12 February 2010

Black Americans in Great Falls in 1920

Colored Survey is Interesting Census of Colored Population of City Shows Some Interesting Facts--Every Colored Family Visited.

A survey made under the direction of Dr. D. A. Graham, commissioner of survey of the African Methodist Episcopal church, as recently been completed for this city. The result shows the colored people of Great Falls engaged in the following kinds of work, the total number of colored people accounted for in this part of the survey being 85:

Laborers, 34; porters, 10; janitors, 8; ranchers, 5; chefs, 4; barbers, 2; mechanics, 2; chauffeurs, 2; trucking and teaming, 2; waiters, 2; R. R. clerks, 2; maids, 2; clerk, 1; physician, 1; lawyer, 1; R. R. fireman, 1; tailor, 1
There are two colored churches in the city and the survey shows these churches divided as to membership as follows:
Methodist members, 37; Methodist leaning, 34; Baptist members, 13; Baptist leaning, 7; Roman Catholic, 6; Episcopal, 2; Christian Scientist, 1; without church preference, 83.

Other facts of interest itemized in the survey are that there are five college graduates among the colored people here and two graduates of musical conservatories. Colored people in Great Falls and immediate vicinity own $91,900 in taxable property and $12,900 in church property. The survey was made under the direction of Dr. Graham assisted by Rev. A. w. Johnson, pastor of the local church. Every colored family in Great Falls was visited. [p. 2] [Great Falls Leader Daily 24 Sep 1920]

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