08 March 2010

Idaho Black History Museum

Two years ago, my wife, Michele, and I visited Boise, Idaho. While there I visited the Idaho Black History Museum. Located in downtown Boise near the Public Library, the Museum is housed in an historic black church. From their website at: http://www.ibhm.org/about.php

The Museum

Founded in 1995, the Idaho Black History Museum is a 501 (c)3 organization established to educate individuals about the history and culture of African Americans, with special emphasis on African Americans in Idaho. Housed in the historic St. Paul Baptist Church building and located in Boise's Julia Davis Park, the museum presents exhibits and provides educational and community outreach programs including lectures, films, workshops, literacy programs, and musical performances.


The Idaho Black History Museum is housed in the former St. Paul Baptist Church Building. St. Paul is one of two African American churches that were founded by Boiseans in 1908. St. Paul was built in 1921, and is one of the oldest buildings constructed by Idaho African Americans. When the St. Paul congregation moved to a new church in 1993, the historic church was donated to a preservation committee, which formed to save and restore the 72-year-old building.

The Idaho Black History Museum is well worth the visit, and a model that we could follow in Montana.

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